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Photo of the Day: 29th April 2012

Lunch today at the Chewton Glen…too much drink :-) I liked this bunny


Photo of the Day: 28th April 2012

I’ve found the best number plate of all time!!! I want this……..


Photo of the Day: 27th April 2012

It is my beautiful Mummy’s birthday!!! She took us on a Bluebell walk …it was four hours, the sun came out and her smile was there all day!! :-D


Photo of the Day: 26th April 2012

This is what my mum served me for lunch…no I am not joking….


Photo of the Day: 25th April 2012

The weather has been hectic today!! Check the waves…I’d hate to be on that made ford ferry today!!


Photo of the Day: 24th April 2012

The view from my bedroom window.


Photo of the Day: 23rd April 2012

I’m so sick of this weather…


Photo of the Day: 22nd April 2012

Back home. It was pretty before the rain came down…


Photo of the Day: 21st April 2012

I may be alone but that won’t stop me cooking Burritos, having a beer and watching the voice… Hell yeah!


Photo of the Day: 20th April 2012

London looks pretty…but it’s a million times lonelier without him in it…



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