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Photo of the Day: 31st July 2012

One of the best things I’ve ever eaten…. No lie. Duck something something…yum….! (food photos are boring…I do apologise.)


Photo of the Day: 30th July 2012

Not a bad little view…


Photo of the Day: 29th July 2012

Celebrations involving rave glasses, Lanson and a pool…


Photo of the Day: 28th July 2012

Never let a bored promo girl alone with blue eyeliner!


Photo of the Day: 27th July 2012

I wasn’t “there” but I soaked up the atmosphere on the streets of London!! Felt very proud of my old flame LUKE Oldfield who played alongside his Dad, Mike. My photo had to be dedicated to that moment, even if its a screen-grab!!

Danny Boyle… You did us proud Sir. Very proud. Good luck to Team GB and EVERYONE… Have a brilliant Olympics x


Photo of the Day: 26th July 2012

Me n my very oldest friend, Steph went to Hyde Park to watch some bands, see a flame and blag our way in to the VIP section (which was boring!). We also got free coke!!


Photo of the Day: 25th July 2012

And people call me a poser….!


Photo of the Day: 24th July 2012

My favourite building in London.


A Little Request, From Me, To You…

People of England! I have a request. Please, hear me out…

I realise ‘it’ is deep within our make-up, set into our bones and fuelled by our blood which boils at the first opportunity; much in the way we insist on starting most conversations commenting on the weather or at the sight of a queue we feel a natural desire to join but, really, ‘it’ needs to stop.

I’ve spent the last few days being a bit of a tourist in London and if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I like to do that quite a lot! You see, I think it is one of the most amazing cities in the world and when you live here, you can so easily take its beauty for granted, get irritated by its quirks and only see the chaos, dirt and expense. However, my Mum always told me to “stop and smell the roses” so I make a conscious effort from time to time to slow down, breathe it in and make the most out of living in such an exciting place.

YES, the rumours are true; the sun does indeed finally have its hat on! So there was no better time for me to tuck my Oyster card into my bag and take to the pavements. I had an audition early on The Strand so by the first wave of lunching workers and hungry tourists, I’d made my way across Embankment Bridge to The Southbank. I was greeted by this… perfectly aligned (if you are a little taller than my 5’2” self) boxes spelling out CHANGE.

I snapped a picture (as I do) and threw myself onto a deck chair, waiting for my partner in crime to arrive and watching the world go by. I must have been there for about 45 minutes, watching excited tourists, kids enjoying the start of the school holidays, lovers strolling hand in hand and…listening.

Sound bites really; just pieces of conversation. The rushed worker on his mobile phone moaning about the amount of people in the city now “The Games” are just days away… the delighted girlfriend of an athlete boasting to a stranger at a nearby table of her man’s talents…and her Olympic tickets! The frantic tourist trying to “fit everything in” before “it” all begins…

He arrived (my partner in crime that is) and we went for a stroll down towards The Tate. All the while I was rudely half listening to him as I took in what was going on around me. The people, the smells, the chatter, the laughter, the music, the dancing, the buzz…

And the boxes spelling out CHANGE, flashed into my mind.

As we sat eating lunch, discussing the mundane details of our lives, I found myself grinning…like a bit of an idiot…but grinning nonetheless! There was a feeling in my stomach, happiness, excitement, whatever you want to call it. I could really feel that we are just days away from the start of the Olympics 2012…the London games…the 8 year build up to…England showing off!

And… I think it is fucking fantastic!

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around London, ending up in Green Park after snapping away at all the tourist hotspots. Trying to capture as many of these little guys that we could see….

I LOVE the flags everywhere, the air of anticipation that just hangs there…much like the sign…CHANGE. And it really is…people of England…time to change our attitude…

ALL I have heard, read, watched; blab la…is people moaning about the whole affair. People who, in a far more articulate way than I, have basically chewed my ear off about one of the following factors… It has cost the tax payer… X.Y.Z… the transport system will, in fact, DIE…the tubes will be hell…the airports will have 5 hour plus queues…the roads will be gridlocked…the cost of housing has exploded…the signage is PINK (whose idea was that?!)…the logo looks like Lisa Simpson performing oral sex…Basically…The games will be TERRIBLE and have cost us MILLIONS!!!

See…as a Nation, we love nothing more than to MOAN. Moaning…”it” …is part of most of our personalities. To run down anything positive, pick holes and find faults in ideas, jobs, events…even people.  However, the second we win GOLD in CURLING once again, I know the whole Nation will be singing a different song…what an AMAZING moment to be British. So Proud. I knew all along the Olympics 2012 would be the best games yet…

So, I ask, kindly. Please. Stop moaning. NOTHING you moan about will change ANYTHING. All decisions are done. All plans are made. The games will be coming to London on Friday whether you moan about it or not. So choose…NOT. You’ll have a MUCH better time if you just stop, slow down, breathe and take it all in. It really will be wonderful, you really will be proud to be British and even if you don’t care for sports etc, enjoy that as a country, we finally have something good to celebrate!

Photo of the Day: 23rd July 2012

I got the part so naturally became a classier version of myself and celebrated in style… Ha!


Photo of the Day: 22nd July 2012

So today I went to a birthday party… A 6 year olds birthday party! It was full of happy screams, the cutest dancing you’ll ever see and a lot of balloon swords (which I wasn’t so keen on)… Oh and the DJ was called DJ DOG. Yes. My photo pretty much captures the vibe of the event… One big blur…


Photo of the Day: 21st July 2012

BBQ time…. I’m not really a fan of BBQs. But I realise what a taboo thing that is to say. So I will shut up. And enjoy…


Photo of the Day: 20th July 2012

In the absence of the photo I forgot to take of my Mum, Step-Dad and Brother at dinner… I thought I’d share this pretty stream with you all… Fancy a stroll with me?


Photo of the Day: 19th July 2012



Photo of the Day: 18th July 2012

Someone text me this today…I love it


Photo of the Day: 17th July 2012

Derren Brown is about to begin!! It is very exciting… Waaa


Photo of the Day: 16th July 2012

Today I wrote a “To Do” list to focus my mind… Consider me focused!! I even ticked off a few…boom!


Photo of the Day: 15th July 2012

Funny one today… Had to share!


Photo of the Day: 14th July 2012

Most of today was spent in bed feeling like I was dying….thankfully I haven’t croaked it yet…


Photo of the Day: 13th July 2012

One of the best views I’ve ever woken up to!


Photo of the Day: 12th July 2012

Dinner at a writers house who used to write for EastEnders…and this was in the bathroom…it made me happy (little things)


Photo of the Day: 11th July 2012

Cambridge love – wish you were here!


Photo of the Day: 10th July 2012

Today we spent our morning soaking up the last of the sun, lunchtime at our regular cafe and our afternoon … On a plane!! :-/ Our lovely holiday had to come to an end sometime though I guess. Thanks Keshini for an absolutely delightful week. You kept me laughing and I’m so happy to now have you in my life in a POSITIVE way! I guess we aren’t the biggest drama queens we know!!

Next stop… London…


Photo of the Day: 9th July 2012

Last night out in Portugal so we thought we would make some sort of effort with out appearance!!



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