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Photo of the Day: 30th June 2012

Bournemouth town with Ade Amoo!


Photo of the Day: 29th June 2012

Welcome home Mummy!!!


Photo of the Day: 28th June 2012

Kinder Surprise!!! Surprise surprise surprise!! Gift in my car… A little melted but lovely…


Photo of the Day: 27th June 2012

I got to spend my evening with these lively folk!! Burritos, black tower and a British summer… Hence the hats!!!


Photo of the day: 26th June 2012

Things I saw on the road today which kept me highly amused!!!


Photo of the Day: 25th June 2012

My Monday started off perfectly. Brekkie, sun, home and a lovely companion.


Photo of the Day: 24th June 2012

Isle of wight… You’ve been epic


Photo of the Day: 23rd June 2012

Getting dragged in, getting dragged out… I think the driver of the tractor is getting fed up!! Isle of wight festival is one muddy affair!


Photo of the Day: 22nd June 2012

It sure is windy today at the isle of wight festival…but I’m pretty happy!


Photo of the Day: 21st June 2012

Today has been spent mainly on a ferry!! 12 hours on a ferry … This ferry…


Photo of the Day: 20th June 2012

These arrived! My favourite :-)


Photo of the Day: 19th June 2012

Feeling very lucky to have friends like these… When I haven’t even told someone anythings wrong but they get a sense I need a pick me up just from a few text messages, you know they are a pretty amazing friend. Thank you. This made me smile.


Photo of the Day: 18th June 2012

Early morning bike ride :-)


Photo of the Day: 17th June 2012

Today I spent the day with these lovely folk. My Dads Dad and my Mums Mum strolling through Lymington.


Photo of the Day: 16th June 2012

I’m home, the suns out and the winds up! It’s rather lovely.


Photo of the Day: 15th June 2012

Friday Pub Hour!


Photo of the Day: 14th June 2012

Today I got to reconnect with an old friend. It was lovely.


Casting Directors – The 1000 piece puzzle (almost) solved! Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted Part One which outlined my top five tips for approaching casting directors and how best to show yourself off in castings. However, in Part Two I thought I’d point out more of the basic and obvious things we can do which perhaps we don’t always bother with.

1. Do your make up and do it well. I don’t mean pile it on! I mean take the time to make up your face properly. If you are on camera, you are being recorded, and you are being recorded because they are going to watch it back later. Perhaps they will show the client and this will be the first impression they have of you. You do not want to look washed out, you do not want to appear tired or hungover and you do not want to appear anything less than your best (unless the part demands that of you). Even men should think about hiding those dark circles under their eyes and giving their skin a light covering of foundation. Making the most of your looks will only ever serve you well.

2. Assume the casting director has no imagination. Dress appropriately for the role, for instance, if you’re playing the role of an office worker, wear a shirt. Don’t go too over board, don’t dress in a wedding dress if you’re going for the role of the bride! However, perhaps wear a floaty white dress, do your hair well and make your make up natural. Going for the role of a hooker? Wear red lipstick and high heels. Going for the role a rock star? Wear skinny jeans! It’s basic, it’s simple and it does work. They see you walk in the door and they see the character in you therefore, they see you in the character. Don’t go and spend a load of money on clothes just for an audition though; but in the auditions where you can make this extra effort, do!

3. Have some questions ready. Think about your character, the story, your impressions and imagine yourself on set, playing the role. Ask appropriate and thoughtful questions which show your interest, enthusiasm and passion for the project and the role. It’s a smart way; a far less desperate and subtle way of standing out.

4. When auditioning alongside other actors, it is easy to let them throw you off. Also, when you have someone reading in, they often don’t give you much to bounce off of and that can throw you too. However, you have to prepare yourself mentally for this before you go into the audition so that you are ready for the worst case and still able perform at your best. When it comes to other actors, obviously you have to respond and react appropriately. However, in an audition you can afford to be a little selfish and give the performance you feel that they are after. Give a little but also be confident to take and shine through the actor alongside you. When it comes to an unhelpful reader, just…fuck it! Give it all you have, pretend in your head you are performing alongside the best actor you’ve ever worked with and give the performance that you would deliver on set.

5. Take the pressure off. Don’t tell yourself that each audition could change your life. Don’t allow for so much to ride on each thing. Just, tell yourself you simply have an audition. Do the best you can and the second you walk out, try to forget about it. The more you focus in on the detail and how much you need/want each role, the more pressured, the more stressed and the more frustrated you will become. Casting directors pick up on this too. This is a hard one because it is so easy to feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall and of course you are allowed your down days. However, try to find away to take it all in your stride and turn it around. It will be different for all of us, but think about what would work best for you and put it into practice.

Got any advice and thoughts of your own? Please share! And break a leg at your next casting.

Photo of the Day: 13th June 2012

Back in London…


Photo of the Day: 12th June 2012

This is Hayley. This is how she looks when she cooks. AMAZING!!! Keeps the smells from her hair apparently…


Photo of the Day: 11th June 2012

My epic fail going through security at the airport…

“Excuse me love, do you know the rules about carrying food?” he asks.
“Yes of course” I reply.
“So why are you carrying food in your hand luggage?” he scowls.
“Erm…I’m not?” I reply.
“Open your bag miss.” he instructs…


Oops. Imagine my red face!!

Photo of the Day: 10th June 2012

Final day of Rockness!! Fireworks, fun glasses and Hector’s stories. It’s been an adventure.


Photo of the Day: 9th June 2012

I got my hands on a policeman’s hat and I didn’t get arrested!


Photo of the Day: 8th June 2012

Today Hector and I both lived out a childhood dream of meeting the honey monster!!



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