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Photo of the Day: 30th June 2012

Bournemouth town with Ade Amoo!


Photo of the Day: 29th June 2012

Welcome home Mummy!!!


Photo of the Day: 28th June 2012

Kinder Surprise!!! Surprise surprise surprise!! Gift in my car… A little melted but lovely…


Photo of the Day: 27th June 2012

I got to spend my evening with these lively folk!! Burritos, black tower and a British summer… Hence the hats!!!


Photo of the day: 26th June 2012

Things I saw on the road today which kept me highly amused!!!


Photo of the Day: 25th June 2012

My Monday started off perfectly. Brekkie, sun, home and a lovely companion.


Photo of the Day: 24th June 2012

Isle of wight… You’ve been epic


Photo of the Day: 23rd June 2012

Getting dragged in, getting dragged out… I think the driver of the tractor is getting fed up!! Isle of wight festival is one muddy affair!


Photo of the Day: 22nd June 2012

It sure is windy today at the isle of wight festival…but I’m pretty happy!


Photo of the Day: 21st June 2012

Today has been spent mainly on a ferry!! 12 hours on a ferry … This ferry…



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