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Photo of the Day: 31st March 2012

Well Done to everyone at today’s recalls. It was a rather long day…wine is in order…


Photo of the Day: 30th March 2012

This worries me…are we becoming THAT lazy?!


Photo of the Day: 29th March 2012

Excuse the language but…well the sign has a point….


Photo of the Day: 28th March 2012

How better than to spend a sunny day in London than with this lovely lady, sangria and tapas!!


Photo of the Day: 27th March 2012

So today has been spent with me in pretty much a permanent state of pain. To remove the sunglasses is to kill my brain!!


Photo of the Day: 26th March 2012

Today I watched my Dad say “I Do” and my brother make a speech. It was a very cool day :-)


Photo of the Day: 25th March 2012

The Groom and Best Man having a bit of relax time before the big day tomorrow! Don’t they look cute?!


Photo of the Day: 24th March 2012

Time with Dad :-)


Photo of the Day: 23rd March 2012

Brother and Sister getting a little sauced at the airport!


Photo of the Day: 22nd March 2012

So many lovely comments and people supporting my Myra project. Thank you all so much for taking the time to watching it, tell others about it and give me your feedback! Don’t let this stop you….!!!



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