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Photo of the Day: 31st January 2012

Old photo as we aren’t together but CONGRATULATIONS to Daddy Hollowood on his retirement!! He completed his last day of work today!


Photo of the Day: 30th January 2012

A beautiful sunset to wave me off!


Photo of the Day: 29th January 2012

I have been treated to a relaxing day at the Chewton Glen Hotel Spa!! It’s been beautifully relaxing :-)


My Top Ten Valentine Dresses

Hello All! A rather late, Happy New Year and SORRY for being so terrible at blogging lately. I damaged my hands a while back and was asked to keep my typing and computer usage to a minimum HOWEVER, I am bursting to show you these cute dresses so, here they are…

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Valentines day is quickly approaching and regardless of your “relationship status”, it is nice to spend the day with that special someone or the special people you love. I always dress a little bit “valentines themed” and there are some gorgeous dresses out there to chose from this year. I have selected a mix of casual and formal, red and pink dresses that would look suitably adorable whatever you are doing! Also, if any men are looking for gift ideas, these should help give you an idea. Happy Shopping!! X

Photo of the Day: 28th January 2012

A beautiful sunny, crisp winters day!


Photo of the Day: 27th January 2012

HOME!!!!! Long time no see…


Photo of the Day: 26th January 2012

Today I filmed (at long last) the script I have been working on for two years! It’s finally happened and in my excitement I forgot to get a shot of me on set. However, these words came to life and I think it’s a more appropriate photo anyway :-) thank you to everyone who helped me…they know who they are x


Photo of the Day: 25th January 2012

Today I’ve had a blast shooting for comedy central. Here’s Ashton with us girls. Shame we only got to meet the cardboard version.


Photo of the Day: 24th January 2012


Photo of the Day: 23rd January 2012

Today I am rocking the cape and hat look… May it bring me luck on my castings!!



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