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Photo of the Day: 13th May 2012

Tonight I went with my Journalist friend to the Gala Performance of Revolution – a dance show. My Mum always told me that if I don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. However, I must tell you, if you are planning to go…Don’t! Kimberly Wyatt (PCD) and Adam Garcia barely grace the stage and when they do, their dancing is SO dull! Kimberly spends the first half just dancing with her arms while her feet stay planted to the floor and Adam appears three times performing what seems to be the same tap routine. Also all the dancers just pull odd faces at the audience. Note: Pulling your sex face on stage doesn’t make for a “sexy” face. On top of all this, the dancers were constantly bumping into each other on the small stage and losing their balance. They would stop performing before even entering the wings, which is one of my biggest pet hates – WE CAN STILL SEE YOU! The best girl in it is a pocket rocket blonde who doesn’t even appear to be in the programme, and even she lost my interest at the end. Trust me, we all saw better performances from kids on this years Britain’s Got Talent! I can’t believe something like this gets funding…


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