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A little post about me…

What makes a regular girl like me bother to start up a Blog?! Is it because I think I have incredible amounts of knowledge that must be shared with the world? No. Is it because I want to become a famous blogger? …an even bigger “No”. It isn’t even because I have a cool job where I can comment and share my vast industry know-how…

It’s really because I have a passion for clothing, art, theatre, music and life…so why not write about it and share my experiences, thoughts and general ponderings. I want to hear all about yours too so make sure you leave comments sharing all yours experiences and thoughts. If you like my style, come back for more, I’ll post a couple of times a week and you can subscribe by email as an easier way to keep track! In my offline life, I am an Actress, Model, Presenter and Music Enthusiast,  I love to dance and travel the world – I hope to dance all over the world before I die!

I must be honest, the future content of this blog is really an “unknown”…but I can promise it will be a whole mix of fashion, beauty, music, theatre, general experiences and probably a bit of advice and emotional stuff too.  Now surely that is reason enough?!


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