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Photo of the Day: 24th August 2012

I received a card today. It made me feel very loved.


Photo of the Day: 23rd August 2012

Some glasses landed on my face today and I rather liked em….


Photo of the Day: 22nd August 2012

Back to my home away from home… For just a lil while longer!!


Photo of the Day: 21st August 2012

A walk to my favourite spot was in order for today


Photo of the Day: 20th August 2012

The final supper… Complete with funny-face-pulling by Tricky.


Photo of the Day: 19th August 2012

Farewell Brother Hollowood!! You will be missed….


Photo of the Day: 18th August 2012

A moment of calm in all the chaos! A walk along the beach and some surprise fireworks with Hayley and Jorden. Beautiful!


Photo of the Day: 17th August 2012

Finally!! Some time with my brother. His words of wisdom, brutal honesty and jokes will be missed… “But there’s always Skype” :-/


Photo of the Day: 16th August 2012

Of course! Under the weather and without make up and I meet Team GBs Bronze Medal winner Anthony Ogogo …

Tell you what… Those medals are HEAVY! And Anthony pointed out the bare breasted woman who dons one side too. Twas a cool moment.

However: message to all Olympians who won Silver or Bronze medals… This means you are the second or third best person at what you do in the WORLD!!! Stop apologising and be bloody proud of yourselves.


Photo of the Day: 15th August 2012

I spent today feeling under the weather. Lots of orange juice and hot water with lemon has been consumed!


Photo of the Day: 14th August 2012

Both the Daily Express and the Daily Mail tell me my brothers engaged… Who knew?!! (a lie) Oh and something about my house being awesome… I knew that though!! (not a lie)


Photo of the Day: 13th August 2012

This guy leaves for Australia a week today… Oh my… Not sure how I feel about this!!!! :-(


Photo of the Day: 12th August 2012

Putting my favourite building in my bag…


Photo of the Day: 11th August 2012

All dressed up…commissioning ball glamour complete with fireworks!!


Photo of the Day: 10th August 2011

So many congratulations to OFFICER Nicholas who was commissioned from Sandhurst yesterday. Absolutely brilliant day!! We are all extremely proud of you G-ham!


Photo of the Day: 9th August 2012

I found this in my headshots folder… It’s my personal favourite!


Photo of the Day: 8th August 2012

You realise you’re a “Londoner” when you don’t even bat an eyelid….


Photo of the Day: 7th August 2012

I’ve got mine!! Have you got yours?!


Photo of the Day: 6th August 2012

Post-filming drinks. And relax…


Photo of the Day: 5th August 2012

A little message from my step-dad… Ha!!


Photo of the Day: 4th August 2012

I guess London transport is coping better with the Olympic crowds than the media claims…


Photo of the Day: 3rd August 2012

The worlds greatest eggs prepared by the worlds greatest egg timing chef!!


Photo of the Day: 2nd August 2012

It’s a bit cool when someone can make you smile with a simple text! This got me grinning…


Photo of the Day: 1st August 2012

I believe I’ve been here before…acting and travel heaven :-)



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