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Photo of the Day: 29th April 2012

Lunch today at the Chewton Glen…too much drink :-) I liked this bunny


Photo of the Day: 28th April 2012

I’ve found the best number plate of all time!!! I want this……..


Photo of the Day: 27th April 2012

It is my beautiful Mummy’s birthday!!! She took us on a Bluebell walk …it was four hours, the sun came out and her smile was there all day!! :-D


Photo of the Day: 26th April 2012

This is what my mum served me for lunch…no I am not joking….


Photo of the Day: 25th April 2012

The weather has been hectic today!! Check the waves…I’d hate to be on that made ford ferry today!!


Photo of the Day: 24th April 2012

The view from my bedroom window.


Photo of the Day: 23rd April 2012

I’m so sick of this weather…


Photo of the Day: 22nd April 2012

Back home. It was pretty before the rain came down…


Photo of the Day: 21st April 2012

I may be alone but that won’t stop me cooking Burritos, having a beer and watching the voice… Hell yeah!


Photo of the Day: 20th April 2012

London looks pretty…but it’s a million times lonelier without him in it…


Photo of the Day: 19th April 2012

Thorpe Park, soaking wet, but we don’t care!!


Photo of the Day: 18th April 2012

Says it all…


Photo of the Day: 17th April 2012

My own private viewing of the Seaborne Odyssey’s Look of Love Show… It’s 11pm and these guys are still at it rehearsing…TV controller microphone in hand and all :-)


Photo of the Day: 16th April 2012

This photo doesn’t do it justice. This bad boy was MASSIVE!!

Photo of the Day: 15th April 2012

Rouge lips for Sundays lunchtime adventure!


Photo of the Day: 14th April 2012

Family meal!


Photo of the Day: 13th April 2012

Happy National Kissing Day!!


Photo of the Day: 12th April 2012

Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin Jorden!! Epic day’s shopping :-) xxx

Photo of the Day: 11th April 2012

Cheers xxx


Photo of the Day: 10th April 2012

Today I sported a mohawk!


Photo of the Day: 9th April 2012

Today’s challenge…work my way through this BOWL of curry!!!


Photo of the Day: 8th April 2012

Happy Easter!! The lovely jones/waters family let me join their celebrations!


Photo of the Day: 7th April 2012

Pre-Easter treats!! I do love a bunch of flowers :-)


Photo of the Day: 6th April 2012

Today I took a look around the British Designers Collective at Bicester Village – some very talented up & comers already fogging their gear for hundreds!! Was good to check out the collections though and Bicester Village has a cool vibe… although not many places to eat!




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