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Photo of the Day: 1st June 2012

Two meetings, Snow White and the Huntsman and Groucho Club….after all this my Jubilee festivities could begin! It all kicked off on Charlotte Street tonight with Stephanie, Charlie and a surprise encounter with John!


Photo of the Day: 31st May 2012

Today I’ve been filming…the crew got to throw paint at me…twas awesome fun!!


Photo of the Day: 30th May 2012

Lunchtime break in the sun… Please stay out Mr Sunshine!!


Photo of the Day: 29th May 2012

Working today by the lovely Spinnaker Tower. Oh Portsmouth you are pretty in the sun…


Photo of the Day: 28th May 2012

Afternoon “tea” at sketch with Lauren and Mummy Hollowood!


Photo of the Day: 27th May 2012

(Hot Fuzz Accent) “My perfect Sunday….” ice cream, river view and wine time with Azbo!


Photo of the Day: 26th May 2012

Sun + Picnic + a lovely walk = a very good day!!


Photo of the Day: 25th May 2012

What a welcome gift!! I finally made it to loughborough after years of promises and this was my greeting. I’m a lucky lass to have friends like these…


Photo of the Day: 24th May 2012

London is both baking hot and covered in flags everywhere you go. A classy touch at London bridge though…


Casting Directors – The 1000 piece puzzle (almost) solved! Part 1

I’m not claiming that I have all the answers or that I know exactly how to “nail” an audition! However, over the last year I have taken to being the “other side” of the camera and played the role of Casting Director on several occasions. I cannot stress enough how invaluable this experience is for a performer! Not only do you get to see things from entirely new perspective, you also get to watch all the “classic” audition mistakes which we all fall foul to from time to time. Sometimes to witness a mistake is the only way you really understand why it is wrong. You can also flip this too; sometimes to witness someone doing it right is the only way you understand why it works. So I’ve come up with my Top Five Tips which should give you the best chance possible no matter who the Casting Director is. Some of it may seem obvious, some of it you may practice and some of it you may think sounds crazy. However, I urge you to have a read of each point and be really honest with yourself about the way you approach your career.

  1. It all starts before you walk in the room. How many of you out there apply for work yourself and send out a generic email to everyone that kind of fits what “they” need across the board? Well stop. Keep your emails short and to the point but make sure it is 100% tailored towards the role you are applying for. This IS time consuming. This IS boring. This IS worth more than you know. Obviously the Casting Director knows you are always actively looking for work. However, they don’t want to feel like 1 in 100 and this email has been fired out over and over for all sorts of roles. You need to get yourself through the door so being interested in the project, the role and indicating that you’ve got passion and an extra “spark” can do you no harm.
  2. Stop being so desperate. This is possibly the hardest one because most actors are desperate. We want to work, we want to perform and we need to earn some money. However, desperation is like fear; you can smell it. Being over-the-top polite and overly smiley and overly, “Yes Sir, no Sir” is actually doing yourself a dis-service. Firstly, you are not being yourself therefore, the Casting Director doesn’t know what it would be like to have you on set and secondly, it looks as if you never work which instantly turns off anyone before they’ve even watched your performance. I’m not saying be cocky, but be cool, calm, collected and confident. If you believe in yourself and the Casting Director can see that, they start the process expecting the audition to go well and pay extra attention to your performance.
  3. Don’t be lazy. If you are sent the script and sides. Read them, learn your lines, know your character. Look at the context of your scenes and know the relationship your character has with the other characters in the scene. You don’t always get the script but you often get the sides and you should try to become as familiar as possible. There is no excuse in the eyes of the Casting Director.
  4. Enjoy the audition. Be at ease and relax. The more relaxed you are, the more the casting director gets to relax and enjoy your audition too.
  5. Post-audition – don’t chase. They won’t forget about you and you sending an email just to say, “thanks for the audition”, doesn’t really serve much of a purpose. Just believe they will come to you.

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