All hands on deck…

This week we had an all hands on deck scenario and it felt AMAZING! It reminded me of how I felt when Zee & Jay were here and finally the ever-growing-list of things “to do” were being ticked off.

We welcomed Peter & Byron from Ignite Carpentry onto the team on Monday and they took my typed-up-and-printed-out list in their stride. Peter tackled building me my stage – ok, other shop-keepers might call it a window platform but you’ll never completely get rid of the Actress in me!

Byron meanwhile tackled the more horrible tasks like skirting the shop and blocking up the fireplaces.

My priority was (and has been since week four when it was delivered) to put the kitchen upstairs and fit it. I was slightly nagging Seb and I thought Peter and Byron looked strong, so I slightly forced the issue. After taking off doors, removing door frames, knocking a few banisters about, teasing in and out and PIVOTing (Friends Reference)…. they managed to get it all up stairs… well. I say all. I mean minus the granit worktops and the solid granit sink, which weighed in at 168kg!


After a bit more nagging, I managed to rope in the two plumbers; who had simply come to run some pipes for the new bath, along with Byron and Seb; and finally it was in place…well up the stairs. It took 5 guys but it got there…

Even without it being sealed and properly in place. I was pretty chuffed with how it was shaping up but once Peter had worked his magic, fitting and sealing it, it really revealed itself…

Towards the end of the week, Peter hung the amazing live wood shelves we got from the equally amazing Pigshed New Forest and I really got to see how we would live in this kitchen and how everything we’ve mentally visualised has physically come together.

We also had the lovely guys from Dominic’s Electrics back to do the second fix in the shop and the rooms we had “finished”. I was so distracted by the kitchen and the “stage” that I stopped paying attention to what Dominic and Harry were up to. However, at the end of Tuesday when they turned on the lights in the shop, I could have burst into tears!

Suddenly, not only could we SEE properly for the first time but we actually felt like we finally have a SHOP! The difference in how the space feels now is indescribable and on top of that, I finally got to see what a horrible choice I’d made on one of the paint colour options…


So I spent a day repainting the arches and pillars to blend in and not stand out.


I also tackled the inside of the fireplaces and in the hope to save some money, though’d I’d try painting them. I think they look rather effective?!


Meanwhile, Seb was busy in the flat, tackling all the horrible fiddly jobs that I don’t have the strength for. He did about 5 runs to B & Q for materials to keep the flow going and of course, went to work for us too!

The plasterers came to start work on the guest bedroom & would have finished the bathroom had we not still been waiting for a cruddy window to be replaced…

Which it eventually was on Friday afternoon… hallelujah!

By the end of the week, the “stuff” everyone had managed to tick of my list was more than I’d anticipated and I went to bed on Sunday feeling much calmer than I have in…months!

Until next week…



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