Week Two: The Flat!

So we headed into week two with only slightly less enthusiasm than on week one! The progress we made was brilliant; but it was also totally unplanned and I for one was feeling really overwhelmed.

However, there was no going back. We couldn’t smash walls back UP so we had to keep taking the walls down. We moved on from our bedroom to the bathroom. With the help of Kay, most of the room was done in no time…


However, we discovered a major problem when we got to the window. Hidden behind the plaster I noticed some vibrant purple material. Out came… carpet…


Followed by rotting (disintegrating) wood.


Then a hole…to the OUTSIDE of our flat…

Starting to feel overwhelmed just reading this yet?!

And then there was about 4 hours of cleaning up….


Thats about as much as we could handle on the flat this week. It was a problem we didn’t know how to solve and so basically we made it as water tight as possible and left it until we could consult someone who knows what they are talking about.

Instead we decided to focus our attention on The Shop. And my goodness…did we make progress…

(update coming soon)

2 thoughts on “Week Two: The Flat!

  1. Hope you guys are okay and will all be worth it- just a lot of slog and back-breaking work. A much-needed holiday awaits soon, it seems. Keep up the great work

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