The Shop.

Best described as…having seen better days. The space is undeniably larger than you’d expect from the front & the original wooden floors give hope to what could be hiding behind the suspicious boarded up walls.

It started like this…

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 19.47.37

Ok, actually not quite like that. The purple was gone & a suspended ceiling had been fitted. The white had been painted either blue or wallpapered black or black-snakeskin (yes you did read that right)!

However, decor can be changed and that is not the issue. Our builder (Frank Nobel at New Forest Joinery) came around with his scary damp-metre-reading device and declared all the back walls (yes. ‘S’) needed stripping and damp-coursing. The ceiling needs to come down. The cellar joists are rotting & a good course of anti-wood-worming is needed.

So Seb and I decided we needed to tackle what we could ourselves, just as we have with the flat.

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So a lot of blood, sweat & a few Kate-tears later… we have this…

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We have a long way to go…but not bad for week one?!



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