What a difference… 9 months makes!

So it’s been 9 months since I posted…Starting all over again…again – I have been far too busy starting over to keep a blog! However I am now able to fill you all in.

So in the last 9 months, I got my teeth fixed – perfectly-straight pearly whites now! I left London & took a step back from acting. Myself & the Dreamboat have started a business which has been surprisingly successful if not completely back-breaking at times. We’ve taken over my Mum & KM’s palace in Dorset with our alarming amount of possessions & endless deliveries. I have made money, lost money, saved money & spent money. In fact my last 9 months seem to have totally revolved around money…but that is all that life is for if you listen to Osborne so… I won’t complain (out-loud)…

So Seb (AKA Dreamboat) & I started looking at houses. We had both resigned ourselves to the fact only Russian millionaires and Middle-Eastern Billionaires can afford the London housing market; so set our sites a little closer to home…well my home. Sadly horribly further from Seb’s home which I take only 75% of the blame for! We were doing well with our market stall – still pretty convinced it was temporary and exploring other options. Who are we if we are not “Actors”? What can we be if not “creatives”? Am I really ready to “give up”.

Let me state for the record, right now, I never wanted to be “that girl”. I never wanted to say I could no longer give time to my dream because I need to make, “a living”. Or that I was worried I was being “left behind” as peers & friends were successful, home-owners with engagement rings & kids on the way. I never wanted to be forced to quit “for a man” or “children” or “Suburbia”.


I don’t believe I “gave up” on acting or “failed” to make a success of my talents. However, I do believe I got to a point where I needed more. For myself, for my dreamboat, for my parents & for my future-dreams. Suddenly, I wasn’t able to just waste time, playing “Office Manager” & secretly shunning the “9-5ers.”. Suddenly, I found myself wanting more stability. More control over my future & my career. I found myself evicted from my home & totally at sea – and I never wanted to let anyone put me in that position again. To be clear, my “dreams” shifted. Acting was no longer the main driver. Creating a life, a future & something I could be proud of, WAS.

However, the road to finding a home in this market is a long one. In this area, 250K is a minimum for a 1 bed-bungalow which needs completely gutting. I found myself more comfortable back at my childhood home…

Yet, along the way, we (I say “we” but it was really Seb as I had a lost all patience) stumbled across “SHOPS” for SALE. Not LEASE. But completely FREEHOLD. They had flats or “living accommodation above”; the dreams & desires, once again, shifted.

Could we really “do this”? Full time? Make a proper “Go” of it? My reservations were quickly quashed by the dreamboats enthusiasm & I started finding myself focusing on new dreams, new desires & forging a whole new outlook for myself and us… US! We are now an us. Properly. Not sure why as there is no ring or traditional commitment. Yet we have the business. We have tied our finances & it is EXCITING; it is working & I am happy. That in itself was enough to make me believe we could achieve anything and that I wanted to.

So, with a little help & support; Burrow & Hide was born…

2 thoughts on “What a difference… 9 months makes!

  1. Really pleased for you, Kate (and Seb.). I know what an up-and-down-and-up again time you have had. You have gone through so much- re-tuning dreams and sights- and seem like something wonderful is about to flourish. Pleased for you both; I wish Burrow & Hide all the success in the world- hopefully, all the preparation is coming along nicely… x

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    • Thank you Sam. For your endless support and care. We will hopefully have doors open soon on our new shop



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