The Truth Comes Out…

With the return of Mum & KM this week, Seb and I were absolutely frantic on Monday trying to make our place look ever so slightly less like a building site. We also had quite a huge confession to make so we needed to make the bedroom clean and at least safe enough should the truth not go down well at all with them…

Meet Dorothy (Dotty), William (Who we thought was a boy but who is a girl so…Billie) & Bear – Our kittens. Granted. Not the best timing. However, when we said we would have them from my cousin Hayley – we had no idea the level of work we’d be doing in the flat and assumed we’d be well out of Mums house by now…

Clearly. We were clueless!

So we slowly and nervously showed Mum & KM around the shop, and entire flat. Taking our time discussing all the work we’ve done and have yet to do. Then Mum let herself into the bedroom and squealed with delight “oh my god, you’ve got babies”!! I can’t tell you the relief…

After a little bit of buttering KM up, they agreed they could come back and live in the house until the flat was finished; taking some of the pressure off and making three furry friends incredibly happy!


Seb had made an attempt to sand the bedroom floors ahead of the kittens arrival. However, the floors are on the wonk & boards aren’t exactly flat. So it was a huge struggle but after several attempts over several more days – he got there and it looks brilliant!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meanwhile, I’d been getting on with painting the kitchen. I’d definitely say I’m more patient than Seb but I don’t have the endurance level or skill-set of a decorator. In fact, my hernia hurts so much, I’ve only used little rollers as normal sized ones are too painful to hold. I am officially pathetic and I think I got more paint on me…


We took Tuesday off to celebrate Mums birthday and Wednesday was a day spent sourcing tiles & shopping for a bathroom; then, we have to actually work amongst all of this too… so it doesn’t feel like too much progress was made this week. However, the plumbers were in to redirect the waste pipe, run all the pipes for the new bathroom and they were even kind enough to fix the leak in our flat-roof which technically; I don’t think falls under a plumbers job description. I didn’t bother to post any photos of our black and white piping because isn’t exactly exciting to anyone but us!

Now all we have to do is mend the gaping hole in the side of the house and we will be laughing…next weeks task.

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