Status Updates I Love and Loathe …

@DougsymonWe all write them, we all read them and we all agree there are some things that should remain un-statused. We are probably all guilty of it too. Boredom setting in or drunken irritation flaring up, making us take to the internet to release some of our internal monologue. But when is enough, enough? When does it go from a simple roll of the eyes upon reading it to feeling the urge to hit the “hide” or dare I even suggest the “unfollow” button?

Recently, an Instagram friend posted a photo of a list of things he hates to see on Instagram (although I did enjoy that in posting it he had committed the sin outlined in bullet point number one!).

I thought it was a genius idea. Not only was he making a valid point, but he was also getting anyone who cared, to think twice. It wasn’t designed to offend -just a social comment on his feed and I loved it. I even agree with most of them (however, I can’t help but love a good photo of food and I once did sport a fringe!).

So I’ve put my own little list together on the topic of status updates for anyone who cares to think twice. The ones I loathe and the ones I love! What makes the cut on your list?

I Loathe:

  • The Mundane Update
  • The Bragging Update
  • The Constant Robotic Self-Promotion Update
  • The Constant Robotic Fundraising Update
  • The Check-in Update
  • The Passive Aggressive Update
  • The “Smashed it in the gym” Update
  • The Over-share Update
  • The “If you also love your Mum, you’ll share this picture” Update
  • The My-Life-Is-Always-So-Crap Update

I Love:

  • The Career Progression Update
  • The Holiday Update
  • The Family Update
  • The Wedding Day (and only the wedding DAY update)
  • The Birth Announcement Update (not every millisecond of your babies life – just that, it is, in fact, alive, update)
  • The Inspirational Update
  • The Relationship Progression Update
  • The Amusing Illustration Update
  • The Selfie Update
  •  The Information Sharing Update

Just my thoughts on the social updates I find myself surrounded by and perhaps we all need to think a little more before we share out thoughts with the world. What do these little, meaningless updates really say about the people we are and would we be proud of the people we appear to be if we could see objectively?

Update wisely but update freely, none of this is meant to offend and for all our pointless updating, social media sharing does far more good than bad and long may that continue.

One thought on “Status Updates I Love and Loathe …

  1. Love this, Kate. Very true (what you say)- I- like many others- get caught in the quagmire of banal/pointless updates. I do often wonder (when i do it), why… x

    Liked by 1 person

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