20 Days Down. 40 Days to GO… #60DaystoSexy

Well I am one third of the way through my challenge! Over the last ten days I’ve amped up my workouts and brought in light weights whilst walking/running to help tone and sculpt my arms. I’ve also found myself in Portugal and enjoying long, clifftop walks in the sun that have left my legs with a very satisfying ache.

IMG_4522I also decided I needed to find long term solutions for cheat nights and instead of resorting to takeaways and trashy meals, I have started to make all my favourite indulgences from scratch. I had a craving for curry the other day, arguably my biggest vice. I just love the mix of flavours, the spice and the smells. So I put some time aside to try making chicken tikka jalfrezi. I was actually amazed at how quickly this could be knocked up and the best part was, I made enough to feed a small army! I have now 8 frozen meals squirrelled away for future use. I was also impressed, even if I do say so myself, with how tasty it turned out. I didn’t have any of the greasy, gooeyness of a takeaway yet I had all the flavour I was craving. The only downside was that my home smelt like curry for three days so I was glad I’d made enough for a few months worth of meals!


I have also downloaded the 30 Day App challenges onto my iPhone. There are ones for squats, push-ups and sit-ups and each day they force me into making sure I do my exercises which always take far less time than I anticipate and I have a feeling of huge satisfaction when I get to click the “DONE’ button at the end of each day.

I haven’t lost any weight according to the scales this time, however I can feel the change in my body already so I’m inspired to keep pushing forward.

Let me know how you’re getting on!


8 thoughts on “20 Days Down. 40 Days to GO… #60DaystoSexy

  1. Good work – keep it up. It’s normal to see one’s weight plateau out after several weeks of exercise and light weights etc. Since muscle is more dense than fat, as toning increases muscle mass, the weight flatlines but your body shape appears slimmer. Then after some more weeks of training, your metabolism will start burning off calories faster. The trick is to always keep up with weight bearing exercises (doesn’t have to be heavy weights either) as this also helps maintain bone density.

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    • Thanks Andrew! Your comments are always helpful. I’ll keep with the weights and add them further into my routine. I’m getting there…!


  2. Hi K8:
    I love your ‘State of the Kate’ reports!😉

    “I haven’t lost any weight…” It doesn’t matter at the moment, you’re building muscle mass and establishing a lifetime of healthy habits.

    When watching TV (the telly?), I exercise with an eight pound hand weight and ‘stretch tubing’ while I sit. Every little bit helps, and it helps keep me focused on my healthy goals.

    Best wishes.
    Vista USA

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    • Yes I’ve started to do something similar!! Great advice thanks! Best wishes to you x


    • HA! Ok… what is more horrifying, that fact that you clearly know me and I probably think we are friends and clearly…you don’t think much of me…or that you don’t think much of me…?! Anyway… NO! I didn’t give up. I completed and I actually almost hit my goal of losing a stone. But on my return from Portugal, I had to move out of my flat unexpectedly, throw my Mum her epic surprise birthday party, start my own business AND keep on the diet. There has been zero time to blog!! For that, I do apologise. X


  3. Good luck with the new business venture (and the ongoing exercise plan). Doesn’t hurt if one ‘falls off the exercise/diet wagon’ every so often the important thing is to just get back on it when you’re ready.

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    • I’m reading that comment, eating scampi and drinking wine… hear hear!! Hope you’re well Mr Pullen. Thanks for taking the time to encourage me x


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