I’m Back!

Hello hello,

Long time no blog… Okay, I admit, I only have myself to blame. I’ve picked up and dropped this site before a few times, so I don’t blame you if you can’t trust I am back for good. But I am.

For me, 2015 is all about starting new hobbies and picking up old ones, all in the pursuit of happiness and adventure! Over the last few years, I’ve allowed myself to become so stressed out and concerned with the day-to-day “stuff” that I’ve forgotten to spend time doing the things I love and enjoy the most.

It is easy (for me anyway) to worry about the passing of time, the birthdays that seem to come faster each year and the ever nagging little girl in my mind who says, “I thought you’d be doing better by now.” I’ve sort of, stopped all the fun little things I used to do – for no good reason – other than that if I spend my time doing my blog, for example, I am not spending my time doing something I should be doing to further my career etc… It wasn’t a conscious decision, just something I fell into worrying about.

Anyway, I’ve decided this is now ridiculous, and so I am back! Ready to share my experiences, my musings and my adventures with anyone who cares to read!


4 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. You probably should be a bit further ahead than you are. Being an actress definitely has a short shelf life. Let’s be honest, you’re no Judy dench! (But don’t be surprised if you are in the same audition one day soon) #old 😉

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  2. Great post (good to have you ‘back’!). 2015 will be a good one for you (in acting and in life) xx


  3. (Hope jobloggs is ‘joking’/a friend)…

    but this year coming will give so many opportunities; provide fewer stressful situations- and plenty of acting joy. The last few years- you have been acting/I have known you- you have developed hugely as a person; become more confident and grown hugely- achieved a huge amount; supported great causes and done so fantastic work. It is near-impossible to balance ‘normal’ life with acting; all the day-to-day stuff with (doing what you want to do).

    The fact that you have managed to find a great place; carve a great life- and see some awesome places- is all down to hard work and determination. All of that grit and hard work will see you achieve your acting goals. I know you can be ‘hard’ on yourself, but being so young- and having such a range and bag of tricks in your arsenal- it is merely a matter of time before the plaudits, roles (and ‘dream chasing’) becomes a reality.

    On February 1st, 2011, I ‘stumbled upon’ mylittleponderings; compelled to start my own blog- effectively made me want to review music/write music; connect with the wider world. In your personal life, you have been indefatigable and strong- overcome some hard times; fought hard and long (to create happiness and stability). Now that (that) is in place; you have some time and ‘breath’ to augment and stratergise- make sure the career wheels keep burning and spinning.

    Every role (and video) I have seen you in leads me to believe that you will appear in your Breaking Bad; your How I Met Your Mother; your Orange is the New Black- whether it is here or in the U.S. Having done the whole Cambridge/Footlights acting thing, I have seen/known some people (far less talented than you) go onto HUGE things- Downtown Abbey for one. You work so damn hard (to get auditions) that it will happen sooner (rather than later).

    You stated- in one of your earliest blogs- to ‘focus’: that is the most important thing (to achieve your goals). You have inspired me to pursue my own ambitions (and to stop procrastinating), and to think about the world in a larger sense: in terms of ‘doing better’, you have done extraordinary things- for more people than you realise.

    I’m rambling, but few people manage to balance a personal life and acting one- fewer manage to do it successfully. Before (the U.K. and world) knows it, we will be seeing your (good self) in some great comedies; top-notch dramas- and some unique/’artistic’ roles. You are a chameleon and Gill-of-all-trades; someone determined to make great things happen.

    Long may your blogs, photos, insights; stories, sagas and ambitions continue: loads of people are impressed by how far you have come (since the first time I knew of you, you have developed into a multicoloured and stunning butterfly). Never lose sight; never start doubting; never stop chasing- this year will be yours; you will truly ‘smash it’…

    Judi Dench didn’t get her first ‘big role’ until she was (in her) 30s… 🙂




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