Time for a Catch Up!

You may have noticed my absence from blogging for quite sometime. In fact, even I cannot remember the last time I properly wrote on here. I guess it is because this blog started out as an outlet for me when I was at my unhappiest, therefore when I  became happy, I didn’t know what “let out”. I also got busy. Really stupidly, crazy busy, working all sorts of mental hours which meant that this was neglected, much like the rest of my life during that time!

However, I missed it. Followers and comment-leavers became like friends and I figured it was time for us to catch up, so I’m back! I don’t need to be sad to share… life is rich because of our struggles and our successes. It is nice to know there are witnesses to our lives who can be there for both.

So. 2013 was a great year… generally! I finally moved into a permanent place in London …with a boy! So not only am I no longer nomadic and bouncing from one friends sofa to another, but my hearts also been mended and I’ve fallen pretty hard for the guy I shall refer to as, Mr Dreamboat. I made my first television debut on BBC1’s Doctors which was a very exciting moment for me but I suspect even more so for my Mum who finally had an excuse to throw a Doctors & Nurses Party (no, I’m not kidding). I also got to spend a month in South Africa, “working”, travelling, wine tasting and making the most being fairly responsibility-less.

I sadly DIDN’T get enough time with my friends who I’ve nicknamed, The Petite Lady and The Artist. So hopefully, future tales on this blog will involve more antics with them. I also didn’t do “enough”…you know…”stuff”. I was a bit all work and no focus last year, so I’m aiming for “more” in 2014 (any recommendations welcome). Lastly, I forgot to eat 5 vegetables a day – next year I shall be drowning in them!

So, until next year, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I shall blog on the other side (and it won’t be as mundane as this catch up – I hope!)

Thanks for reading x

4 thoughts on “Time for a Catch Up!

  1. Hear! Hear! Well done!
    More comment later from your internet friend Vista USA :)


  2. Kate, it appears you have made an almost spiritual reconnection of how important balance is in life; a recognition of the balanced importance of family, friends, career, hobbies, casual interests and even the importance of ‘familiar strangers’ of the internet. I welcome your return, and your sharing of your zest for life.

    Internet social interactions with you, and others, are one of the important, positive aspects of my life.

    My best wishes to you, and to all who are important to you.

    A ‘familiar stranger’,



    • Thank you very much Vista. Best wishes to you too and Happy New Year. K xx



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