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A Sika idea for Christmas!

More Sika Designs for you this week as I show off this rather delicious number I purchased for the Christmas season. It is just such a special dress for me because of the bold pattern, the classic cut and quirky details. I’ve worn it out only once so far but it turned heads from both men and women wherever I went and I received countless compliments about it.

I feel so elegant wearing their dresses and although they aren’t for everyday, they make a real statement at a party or special event. This is my perfect dress for Christmas because of the seasonal colours, the playful bow and high collar. I love the big red flowers, I think they are what really makes this dress stand out.

If you are looking for something special this Christmas, head over to their website. They can custom make dresses to suit your preferred cut and fabric and they even make adorable dresses for little girls!

To achieve this look I added a black Tutu underskirt, black shear tights and black heels. I also did my hair with a 50’s quiff for a playful way to complete the look. Do you like?!

Their Designs are Sika!

I’m wondering through Greenwich Market with my Mum on a sleepy Sunday afternoon and we happen to “stumble” across Sika Designs Boutique tucked away in the corner. Of course, I have seen this place before and fallen in love with their clothes. However, these are Pure Silk and pricey! In reality, they are incredibly reasonable but to me, forking out £120 plus on a dress is restricted to very special occasions. However, I have one, my friend is getting married and naturally I need a new dress!! It is a fairly speedy affair and I only had 10 days notice to find the perfect Smart/Casual autumnal wedding outfit.

Sika design dresses in the most stunning fabrics with flattering cuts to suit any shape. If you like the style of a dress but prefer the pattern on another, they will custom make the one you want for you for the same cost of the original outfit. They do alterations on all of their clothes within 7 days for only £15 too so if you need to have an inch taken from under the arms or off the shoulders then they sort it for you.

I can’t describe to you how princess like you feel wearing these dresses. They make you look elegant and classic but not dull as the fabrics just make you stand out in any crowd. I ended up going for a bluey/grey coco bean design. I loved the full skirt, bow waist detail and stiff high collar. I also wanted to keep the “stand out” affect to a minimum as it was a wedding so these more muted colours on the design make the right statement without overpowering the setting.

I was really pleased with my dress choice in the end. It really suited the vibe of the day and my dashing date and I matched in our greys which was perfecto!

The day was beautiful and very emotional all in all. Watching friends get married is a whole new experience for me and something I found quite heart-stoppingly magical! Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Powell… x


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