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Photo of the Day: 22nd July 2012

So today I went to a birthday party… A 6 year olds birthday party! It was full of happy screams, the cutest dancing you’ll ever see and a lot of balloon swords (which I wasn’t so keen on)… Oh and the DJ was called DJ DOG. Yes. My photo pretty much captures the vibe of the event… One big blur…


Photo of the Day: 21st July 2012

BBQ time…. I’m not really a fan of BBQs. But I realise what a taboo thing that is to say. So I will shut up. And enjoy…


Photo of the Day: 20th July 2012

In the absence of the photo I forgot to take of my Mum, Step-Dad and Brother at dinner… I thought I’d share this pretty stream with you all… Fancy a stroll with me?


Photo of the Day: 19th July 2012



Photo of the Day: 18th July 2012

Someone text me this today…I love it


Photo of the Day: 17th July 2012

Derren Brown is about to begin!! It is very exciting… Waaa


Photo of the Day: 16th July 2012

Today I wrote a “To Do” list to focus my mind… Consider me focused!! I even ticked off a few…boom!


Photo of the Day: 15th July 2012

Funny one today… Had to share!


Photo of the Day: 14th July 2012

Most of today was spent in bed feeling like I was dying….thankfully I haven’t croaked it yet…


Photo of the Day: 13th July 2012

One of the best views I’ve ever woken up to!



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