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Photo of the Day: 8th July 2012

Today as about the beach, the caves and of course more poses… The two thumbs up… A personal favourite.


Photo of the Day: 7th July 2012

Doing my best Tyra Banks impression…


Photo of the Day: 6th July 2012

Happiness is… Me…like this….


Photo of the Day: 5th July 2012

Today has been full of smiles and full of papping!! Oh and the sun was out…


Photo of the Day: 4th July 2012

Happy American Independence Day!!! Love sun soaked Keshini and me xxxx


Photo of the Day: 3rd July 2012

After an epic day and lots of good luck being sprinkled on it, I decided that pink bubbly liquor was the drink of choice. It matched my dress…a very important detail. ;-)


Photo of the Day: 2nd July 2012

Bonding with Biggles…


Photo of the Day: 1st July 2012

My sentiments exactly.


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