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What are the best ways to repurpose blog content?
Caden Levingston

Caden Levingston

Unlocking the Value: Repurposing Your Old Blog Content

Howdy, my storytelling friends! I'm Caden and together we're going to unfold the art of repurposing old blog content. Yes, it's indeed an art; like a painter adds layers of colors and touches to canvas to make a masterpiece, we, as bloggers, add layers of creativity to our old content and give it new life. It's beautiful how you can transform something old into a stunning piece that breathes new life.

So, let's immerse ourselves together in this reminiscing journey, blended with fun, frolic and of course, my pal, Barkley. After all, it's said that a dog's company is the purest form of inspiration.

Dust Off Those Old Gems: Why Repurpose?

To be honest I never paid much attention to my older content. They were like those old toys I used to play with as a kid and then forget. But then, one day, on a lazy Sunday, while Barkley was running around playing with his toys. I just observed that Barkley doesn't get tired of his toys, he just finds new ways to play with them. And that's when it clicked. Why not give our old content a new spin?

Repurposing old blogs brings multiple benefits to the surface. It enhances your SEO ranking, builds on your previous research, expands your audience reach, optimally utilize resources and most importantly, it gives your creativity a boost as you find new ways of presenting old things.

Transform With a Purpose: Content Upgrade

My first advice is upgrading your content. We’ve all have written those "Ultimate Guide" posts, brimming with tips and instructions. But the beauty of knowledge is, it keeps evolving. There's always something more to learn and share. A content upgrade is how you build on your previous knowledge base.

For instance, I once wrote a blog about 'How to start a blog?' a few years back. But, with the growing trends and technologies, I realized that there's a lot more to add to it. So, I decided to repurpose it with latest trends, like how to use AI driven tools, voice search, etc. And guess what? The result - my readers loved it!

Rise from the Ashes: Formatting Redesign

Let me take you back to my high school days when I used to jazz up my assignments in order to get those extra creative points. The same technique can be applied to our content. Yes, you heard it right, a redesign of the format can do wonders!

Remember, it's not just about adding information but also about presentation. Converting a long blog post into lists or info-graphics or creating short video clips keeps it fresh and more appealing. Go ahead, give it a try, after all, who doesn't like a new dress once in a while, eh?

Be the Butterfly: Format Adaptation

Imagine you're hosting a party. Not everyone will like the same type of music, right? The same goes for your blog. Not everyone has the same content preference. Some might like to read blog posts, while others might prefer videos or podcasts. So in order to cater to all these different tastes, format adaptation is a must.

Just the other day, I was going through some of my old blog posts and thought, why not turn this one into a podcast? And voila! It was a super hit. Not only did it reach to my usual readers, but it also caught the attention of auditory learners. Moreover, it gave my content a brand new outlook.

Spread the Word: Sharing in Different Platforms

Now, once you have all this beautiful new content, the next step is to let the world know about it, right? And how do you do that? By sharing it on different platforms, my friend.

There was a time when I would only share my blogs on my website and wait for Google to do its magic. Soon, with social media's explosion, things changed drastically. Sharing your enhanced blog on different platforms will ensure that it reaches a wider audience. Each platform attracts a unique user base. LinkedIn suits more professional-oriented content, whereas Facebook and Instagram cater to a more general and diverse population. Don’t forget your email subscribers. You will be surprised at how much your old content, with a little bit of repurposing, will resonate with different audience types.

As we come to the end, I’d like you to remember as a parting note – There's always a way to revive old content, to make it more relevant, more engaging. Don’t let good work drift into internet oblivion. Breathe new life into it. So go back, dive into your old blog posts, and unleash their potential on the world once more. It's like painting a new masterpiece with your old palette. And don't forget to enjoy the process too. Happy repurposing!

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