4 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. You probably should be a bit further ahead than you are. Being an actress definitely has a short shelf life. Let’s be honest, you’re no Judy dench! (But don’t be surprised if you are in the same audition one day soon) #old 😉

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  2. Great post (good to have you ‘back’!). 2015 will be a good one for you (in acting and in life) xx


  3. (Hope jobloggs is ‘joking’/a friend)…

    but this year coming will give so many opportunities; provide fewer stressful situations- and plenty of acting joy. The last few years- you have been acting/I have known you- you have developed hugely as a person; become more confident and grown hugely- achieved a huge amount; supported great causes and done so fantastic work. It is near-impossible to balance ‘normal’ life with acting; all the day-to-day stuff with (doing what you want to do).

    The fact that you have managed to find a great place; carve a great life- and see some awesome places- is all down to hard work and determination. All of that grit and hard work will see you achieve your acting goals. I know you can be ‘hard’ on yourself, but being so young- and having such a range and bag of tricks in your arsenal- it is merely a matter of time before the plaudits, roles (and ‘dream chasing’) becomes a reality.

    On February 1st, 2011, I ‘stumbled upon’ mylittleponderings; compelled to start my own blog- effectively made me want to review music/write music; connect with the wider world. In your personal life, you have been indefatigable and strong- overcome some hard times; fought hard and long (to create happiness and stability). Now that (that) is in place; you have some time and ‘breath’ to augment and stratergise- make sure the career wheels keep burning and spinning.

    Every role (and video) I have seen you in leads me to believe that you will appear in your Breaking Bad; your How I Met Your Mother; your Orange is the New Black- whether it is here or in the U.S. Having done the whole Cambridge/Footlights acting thing, I have seen/known some people (far less talented than you) go onto HUGE things- Downtown Abbey for one. You work so damn hard (to get auditions) that it will happen sooner (rather than later).

    You stated- in one of your earliest blogs- to ‘focus’: that is the most important thing (to achieve your goals). You have inspired me to pursue my own ambitions (and to stop procrastinating), and to think about the world in a larger sense: in terms of ‘doing better’, you have done extraordinary things- for more people than you realise.

    I’m rambling, but few people manage to balance a personal life and acting one- fewer manage to do it successfully. Before (the U.K. and world) knows it, we will be seeing your (good self) in some great comedies; top-notch dramas- and some unique/’artistic’ roles. You are a chameleon and Gill-of-all-trades; someone determined to make great things happen.

    Long may your blogs, photos, insights; stories, sagas and ambitions continue: loads of people are impressed by how far you have come (since the first time I knew of you, you have developed into a multicoloured and stunning butterfly). Never lose sight; never start doubting; never stop chasing- this year will be yours; you will truly ‘smash it’…

    Judi Dench didn’t get her first ‘big role’ until she was (in her) 30s… 🙂




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