Half Way, Half Thin (ish)!

So I reached the half-way mark of my #60DaystoSexy challenge and the scales tell me I am half way to reaching my goal; half a stone is gone! This has stunned me frankly, as I’ve not struggled with this achievement as much as I feel I should have…if that makes sense?

What I mean by this is that all I’ve done is continue to do long 10 miles walks each day, I’ve cut down on how much of everything I eat; yet I haven’t managed to limit alcohol to just the weekends – frankly work and life gets in the way and I feel a bit of a bore just sipping on my orange juice (which holds 51 grams of sugar anyway!). I also haven’t yet worked up to a 5 mile run nor have I managed to get the energy to hit the gym before 7am each morning.

I have, however, made sure I spend at least half an hour in the pool, stretching my body in that satisfying way you do when you’re a child, feeling every inch of you working and pushing to compete with the person swimming in front of you.

As I said last blog, I’ve found I’m extremely competitive. A fact I’ve always known but that has once again reared its head now I am on this challenge. I can’t let myself down and I don’t want to fail. There are many things in my life I cannot control, but I can control the outcome of this!

A little tip I learnt this week too – try squeezing lime into a dish instead of using a pinch of salt. It brings out the flavours like salt without have the detrimental effects of it.

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