50 Days Left to Sexy…

So I am 10 days in. I read somewhere that it takes 10 days to break a habit and if that is true, then I failed on day 9. Yesterday, after 4 days on non-stop stress climaxed into a day I wish to forget, I gave into my pasta cravings and made myself a Spaghetti Bolognese…with garlic bread…and drank half a bottle of red wine.

Pah! I have to cheat sometimes, right?

Until then, I’d actually found it really quite easy. I have found the trick for me is not consciously denying myself anything. If I think I shouldn’t eat it, I’ll want to eat a whole bathtub full! However, if I think that in just two days time is my cheat day or only 5 more sleeps until the weekend, I feel my will-power kick into full gear. Surely, nothing is so wonderful that it can’t wait until my schedule allows for some naughtiness?

When I did fancy something sweet or a calming glass of wine to ease the day, I simply forced myself to think twice and asked , “is it really worth it?”

However, stress or emotional upset makes me seek comfort in food. Comfort food to me is always Italian because it is quick, tasty, filling and it reminds me of my Mum (a person, who, really doesn’t eat or like pasta so I assume the emotional connection is more memory based to childhood dinners.). So I buckled on day 9 and boiled up the banned spaghetti which I was supposed to wait another 48 hours to be allowed to consume whilst pouring myself a glass of red, which too was 48 hours from being legal.

Still, I’m not sure it is a big deal. In the grand scheme of it, this isn’t just a 60 day challenge, it is a lifestyle reboot and I won’t always stick to such rigorous routines of when I can and cannot eat or drink something.

In other areas of my declaration, I’ve found myself doing pretty well. The thing is, I am a super competitive person. I don’t mean to be, but if I find myself “in it”, I really want to “win it”! Even if it is against myself.

I printed out a chart with each day of the week on it, planned only 7 days a head of schedule because, honestly, I never plan too much further ahead than that for anything. I had a little water glass illustration with 2.5 ltrs on it, which I thrill in putting a green tick through at the end of each day. A glass of wine, which again, I love to put a red X through at the end of each day; and a pair of trainers reminding me that I’m supposed to walk at least 5 miles per day. My FitBit has been invaluable here because I love seeing my little flashing light go from one to five; and when I feel it buzz on my wrist I give myself a little cheer! I also really enjoy surpassing that and each day I write on my graph how many miles I did, always competing with the Kate from the day before. Yesterday I hit 9 miles, so today I am aiming for 10.

I’ve also started to end my day with a 30 minute yoga session just to help me destress and reconnect with all the muscles in my body I’d forgotten about. I’ve found myself looking forward to this and in the morning, regretting missing it if I didn’t manage it the night before. In just 10 days which has equalled 8 Yoga sessions, I’ve felt a change in my ability and my general flexibility. It has also helped me to drift off to sleep much quicker and have a better quality of sleep too.

Ok, so this all well and good but you want to know if I’ve actually lost any weight, right? Well I HAVE! In fact, not only do the scales tell me I am 5 pounds lighter but I also feel much better and visibly look more toned too. Theres still a way to go, but it has certainly given me the encouragement to keep going and up my game to keep my body guessing.

Any helpful tips welcome and if you’re on your own personal challenge to a smaller waist and a healthier life, keep going and good luck!

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