Inspired by the tenacious Megan Castang I have dedicated the next 60 days to getting sexy! My post Christmas, mid-winter body is doing nothing for my confidence, my happiness or frankly, my career, so it is time to make some changes.

Although I am rather good friends with Mrs Castang; she lives in Dubai. So I followed her progress on social media, namely her Facebook Page, where she revealed the most intimate details of her efforts.

Firstly, she took a before picture, in harsh unflattering lighting…in her knickers…and posted it online…! Just the thought of me doing this sends shivers down my spine. However, I respected her so much for doing so. It was a public declaration that she was going to make a change and stick to it because if she didn’t, she’d have all her ‘friends’ to answer to. Or at least have the knowledge that hundreds of people has seen her at her most vulnerable. However, I am not brave enough (I’m sorry Megan). I can’t live with the idea that once the pictures are out there, I no longer have control over them.

So this blog post is my public declaration. I will outline on here exactly what is it I hope to achieve in the next 60 days and keep you updated on my progress. Feel free to ask and badger me about it too. I am not always brilliant at self motivation!

Ok, so I’m not quite as curvaceous as the chick on the left (also, side note: why the meerkat hands?!)!

So, that is the rough plan and I’m sticking to it! Wish me luck and any helpful hints and tips are more than welcome.



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