Photo of the Day: 18th July 2012

Someone text me this today…I love it


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: 18th July 2012

  1. Hi Kate!

    We met in the Algarve at Vila Vita Parc – I was w/ my hubby (who’s family lives in Bournemouth). I’m assuming you recall that :).

    We’re relocating to the UK – moving into our new flat in Bromley next week.

    Anyway, just a quick note to say I love Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter is def my favourite character – played brilliantly by Johnny Depp in the last hollywood version (big fan of Depp as well). So absolutely adore and relay to this quote – thanks – made my day as I’m a bit of a mad hatter myself :).

    Sometimes I see your updates (as all my contacts) via linkedin and pleased to see your career is moving forward! Well done!

    Best of luck w/ your career & life in general!

    Take care & ta for now!

    Elsa Costa-Majumdar


    • Hello

      O course I remember! Lovely to hear from you. Bromley! How funny, that is currently when I am staying. It is also where I was born…although I don’t remember much about that time. What brings you to Bromley??

      Yeah, it is a fantastic quote. I am an Alice and Wonderland addict too!

      I didn’t realise my updates went to LinkedIn…my goodness I am not ver tech savvy! I’m pleased you said hi though and let me know if you fancy a coffee in Bromely sometime xxx


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