Photo of the Day: 23rd March 2012

Brother and Sister getting a little sauced at the airport!



2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: 23rd March 2012

  1. This is sooo nice!!!!
    I have a brother too! he’s my best friend ever ! i’m 4 years older than him,and I was always very protective with him.
    Then,came a time -in High school – when we didn’t really have any kind of relation, and when we met (we were living in the same house but oh boy,we rarely met!), most of the time we were arguing (why is he drunk, why is he smoking, why aren’t you studying..blah blah) .
    Then came university, and 2 years we haven’t really seen each other. When he also started uni, we had to live together, and slowly we created another strong bond, he got more mature,learned how to say I’m sorry, and accept that he isn’t always right !!!
    we were a perfect “married” couple for more than 7 years!!! we still are-just that now I really am married, and he enjoys spending time with my baby boy! well…we grew up!


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