Valentines Day: The Power of The Red Rose

Valentines Day. Hmmm… I’ve never been a fan of this particular “holiday”. It seems a shame that we need to have a nominated day where we bother to take the time to tell that special someone that we love them. I don’t want anyone sending me flowers, cards or telling me things they don’t feel because they feel they “have” to.

HOWEVER…there is the total flip side to this argument…

It forces people to take the time to show their loved one how much they mean to them and allows for some romance in a world that doesn’t always encourage it. It is also (more commonly used by school kids), to tell those you admire from a far that you like them (something I used to find exciting and frustrating in equal measure!).

I was talking to the guys I work with about their valentines day plans and we were debating whether gifts were strictly necessary…? I think…no. I mean…why?! Surely the gift is spending that day or evening together, having dinner, conversation and (hopefully) some devilish fun. But. My advice to all of them was A. to give a card (with a personal message) and B. to respect the power that red roses hold!

It probably sounds silly but Red Roses are guaranteed to make any girl smile. Men generally don’t “get” this. Not one guy in the office seemed to see the point in red roses over other colours. So I try to put it simply…

For a start, the colour red itself evolved from an early primal symbol for life into a metaphor for deep emotion. It is the colour of our heart and our blood that runs through us, keeping us alive and therefore it suggests the emotion you feel does the same, keeps you going and run deep within you.

The red rose is universally known as the symbol of love. It dates back to Greek and Roman mythology where the red rose was closely tied to the Goddess of Love and people would decorate their wedding venues, clothing and hair with them. The tradition never died and in fact, grew stronger and more prominent with time. It has become an unmistakable iconic representation of saying, “I love you”.

In fact all colours of roses hold a meaning. I could be wrong but here is how I understand it:

White: Purity, Innocence, Youthfulness, Happiness

Pink: Appreciation, “Thank You”, Gentleness, Joy

Yellow: Friendship, New Beginnings, Freedom

Yellow With Red Tip: Falling in Love (good one for new valentines?!)

Red and White: Given together these signify Unity – often seen at weddings

Peach: Sincerity

Orange: Desire, Fascination

Black: Infinite Love

Blue: The Unattainable or Impossible

Also (good news for the pocket) giving a Single Red Rose means: True Love

And a Thorn-less Rose means Love at First Sight.

So…however you feel about the girl you are with (or hope to be with) …there is a colour for you! But my advice, if you are in love…go for RED!


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